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About Me

Starting as a Trainee in the IT Industry, I always had an interest in Online Marketing and Web Design. With hostcomp.net, I can connect both website building and improving my know-how by writing articles about online business and marketing.

I have gained a lot of expertise and knowledge about Online business and Website Building over the last six years. And daily, I need to solve new challenges that many have to overcome when they make their own site. This is why I want to share tips and tricks I learned that help you on your path to becoming an entrepreneur and growing your Online Business.

Helping People

Online you can find an overwhelming amount of know-how and facts. But the problem is these texts often contain only little useful information while the only purpose is to get web traffic. This means quantity over quality, so more articles with lesser quality. Reading through this text is a waste of time for me. Because the information on a page could be summarized into 3-5 sentences.

Many don´t do enough research or only share useful knowledge if you become a premium member and purchase a certain offer.

For me, it’s important to write articles in-depth and with helpful insights while providing valuable know-how.

Helping and motivating people is what a business should be about, not the profit it makes. It isn´t about the money I make but to solve a problem people are having in the online business world. If I can help someone and the person really appreciates and is thankful for the information I shared. It gives me to feeling that I´m on the right path; it is what makes me happier and motivates me to keep going. This is why I started my websites hostcomp.net and riskfail.com.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

The goal of Hostcomp is to help you build your own online business and show you how you can market your website. When you think about the idea of creating your own website it takes work and of course some money. But the more you overcome challenges and improve your knowledge, the easier it gets to become financially independent. This is why the mission of my website is to bring you on the right track so you can start your online business journey.

If you have any questions, want to tell a story, or suggest a fitting topic for my website, sent me an email or write a comment, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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