How to hire a Freelancer?

How to hire a freelancer

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With a business, you got a lot of work to do, and some jobs need special skills that not everybody has. For these jobs, you either hire a regular worker or choose the easier option and look for talented freelancers. But where can you find freelancers and how to hire a freelancer?

Where to find Freelancers?

If you need to hire freelancers, the first place you should look at is a freelance platform. Depending on what you search, some are general freelancing sites others are industry-specific. Here a selection of freelancers sites:

  • UpWork is one of the biggest freelancer sites with a wide variety of freelancer in different industries
  • CloudPeeps also has many freelancers that you can hire for ongoing or one-time projects.
  • Freelancer is a site where you can get freelancers for web design, app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, and graphic design, and much more.
  • 99Designs offers two options either to hire a freelancer directly or start a contest where you can pick your favorite out of the created web designs, logos, or social media banners.
  • Guru is another big platform to hire freelancers to do a variety of different jobs.
  • Dribbble is a leading destination to find a freelancer that do creative work.
  • Behance showcases projects from freelancers to get an idea of the designs to a skill they have.
  • Toptal is a network that only accepts 3% of freelancers applicants, which are software developers, designers finance experts, product, and project managers. The price to hire a freelancer is more expensive, but you get highly tested workers for important projects.
  • Hired offers a platform for talented and qualified developers, and you can hire freelancers for a product, project, and engineer management.

You can also join freelancing communities like Facebook groups or Freelancers Slack communities. But it depends on the type of freelancer you are looking to search for writing slack community if you need writers or whatever specific work you need.

Another strategy to reach talent would be to go to colleges and universities. You can ask professors if they have students that look for freelance work or ask around. Make sure to look for the right departments.

What you also do is ask in your network, your friends and family, or your colleagues if someone might be interested in the freelance job.

How to hire a Freelancer?

To hire the right freelancer for your business you need to keep some things in mind.


When you started looking for freelancers on job platforms and communities, you also need to research the potential freelancer and job you want to hire. You should have a clear understanding of the job and freelancer you want. Ask yourself how big is your project, and how often do you need a freelancer?

As you know what you need for the job, you should refine your search on freelance platforms and communities.


Often freelancers come through personal recommendations, especially when the freelancer has done a good job. So if you ask people in your industry, they may know a freelancer that has great experience.

To get quality and consistent work from a freelancer, you should look for referrals and testimonials.


Before you hire someone, check your budget that can pay your freelancers fairly for their work. It may seem tempting to pay low for freelancers, but it often represents the quality of work you get. However, it doesn´t mean every freelancer that has low rates is bad for the job; also, on the other side, not everyone that has high rates does a good job.

It all depends on their experience and portfolio.


Most freelancers can handle more than one job at a time, so if you don´t need someone full-time, there’s is nothing wrong to reach out to freelancers that work for other companies.

Find the portfolio and publication you like. It is the best qualification to find someone who established in their niche and has previous work and testimonials to back up the work.

Some freelancers may be good a talking, but this doesn’t mean they have the best reputation and work ethic.


A successful freelancer relationship needs to have clear communication. If you build a connection, it will be easier to hire them for future projects. Communicate early and clearly about the roles and responsibilities of the freelancer. Also, describe the level of expertise and skills someone needs.

What also matters is to state in the job description company details, what your targeted audience is, and the company values or missions you have. These are some sensitive information but needed, especially for a logo design it will help a lot.

However, only share brief details, and when you hire a freelancer, you give a bit more price of what your company stands for.


Depending on the job you need a freelancer for, there are different criteria on how you judge the people you want to hire. When you look for a writer you want someone that has good writing skills without grammatical errors. Or if you need a software developer, they should have experience with the programming language that is right for your project.

No matter what freelancer you consider always look for the following criteria:

  • Reviews and References are a big indicator of how talented and their work ethic is.
  • Experience matters a lot when you want someone that knows what she´s doing.
  • Communication is important, so make sure they understand the language you are speaking, so it doesn´t come to miscommunication during the project. It also matters where they live, so you know what time they are available and that they know when your deadline is.
  • Project management skills, which means if the freelancer has good time management, so the work is completed before the deadline. This especially is essential when you also have a set deadline for your whole project.

To get more details of the freelancer, ask them questions such as:

  1. What references to past and current customers you have that I can look into?
  2. How much experience do you have, and can you show me the samples of your work?
  3. Are you willing to sign an NDA and contract?
  4. How you manage your projects?
  5. How can we communicate during the project?
  6. Do you have any extra fees?



If you found a fitting freelancer for your project, you need a contract that protects both parties. A contract clearly outlines the scope and of the project, as well as the term that you agree on. So include things like copyright ownership agreement that has the full ownership of what the freelancer produced, cancelation policies, rates, work time and usage rights, and more.

With a contract, you get safety when something goes wrong, which can´t be resolved with a simple conversation. The contract helps each of you with legal resources to make things right.

Depending on the platform where you choose your freelancer, there may is already a contract included, which you only need to fill out. So do your research on the platform to know if you need to create your own contract.

Also, know that freelancers are not like employees who have to follow your company rules and policies. If you treat freelancers like employees, you may suddenly need to pay more taxes than planned.

How to manage Freelancers?

During a project, you should also communicate as much information as possible, so you get what you need. A good idea is to write all details in an organized google doc or other word documents that you share with the freelancer. It will help both of you stay in sync to have a seamless process.

What also helps a lot is to create a style guide that outlines clear brand objectives. For example, you need a writer for your website then give them direction on the brand voice that fits your business (educational, professional, or easy to understand…), the font and color you use, and what else is important.

You can make a checklist, so the freelancer covers the objective and feels of the brand.

To stay organized, have your invoices projects the style guide, and other information all in solid infrastructure. A good tool you can use is Trello, where you can write a to-do list share links & documents, write comments, and create deadlines in calendars. A Trello board can also be shared with a freelancer; this will them more feel like they are part of your team, and everyone is in sync with each other.

If you want to continue to work with the freelancer, you should make them feel valued. You can go through the brand vision of the style guide to see what succeeded the most. And in exchange, take them out for lunch if they are near your location to create real-life bonds. Addinoly give them a bonus when they did a good job or have created the most valuable content.

To get the freelancer more to work for, you should make sure you write a good recommendation or review. They will appreciate it, especially if you treat them like a part of your team and you pay them well and on time.

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