Bing Ads vs Google Ads

bing ads vs google ads

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Bing and Google are both one of the biggest Search Engines, which of course make them very popular for businesses to advertise on these two platforms. While Google is more popular doesn’t mean it is better than Bing. They have a lot of similar features and but also differences.

Deciding on what to use depends on the business, what the budget is, what audiences are targeted, and if it will help to produce more conversions and revenue.  Sometimes both advertising services can complement each other and other times only one ad provide brings the desired outcome

Let’s take a look at what features Bing Ads vs Google Ads offer and what makes them unique from each other.

Bing Ads

Starting with Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising, which offers advertising on a variety of search engine websites. This means that created ads campaigns may not only show on Bing but on other partner platforms like ecosia or yahoo.

An ad appears similar to other search results with a title and description in the search engine where they are on top of normal results or the left side depending on what the advertiser pays and the popularity. The ads use PPC (Pay per click), which means every time someone searches for a keyword and clicks your link, you pay for that click through the advertising platform.

Other methods are Pay per Call if you want customers to call you in person to provide a more personal and better experience which can be useful if you sell a service, for example. Or, if you offer products, you can also choose to pay per conversion, so you only pay when someone purchases a product or makes a specific acquisition like newsletter sign up, a download, or registration on your website.

The Cost depends on the search volume of the different keyword you choose as well as the price that your competitions pay for the keyword.

Another essential feature is targeting filters where you can target the right audience. You can decide where potential customers should be from and target per language and age, inclusive other useful demographic filters. As well you can filter if you want mobile traffic or desktop traffic what time your ads are displayed and on if you’re going to advertise on other platforms except for bing, which is available on Microsoft advertising.

Google Ads 

The bigger platform is google ads, which offer similar advertising methods like the above-described bing ads. You also can choose what pay concept you want to use if pay per click, call, or conversion. Similar is the targeting; you can reach an audience by targeting different demographics and choosing various filters.

However, google ads platform offers a second advertising form, which is display ads. They appear with text and images on all types of websites across the internet. A website owner can sign up to get the display ads for his site in return, and he receives a small portion of the money that advertisers spent on an ad campaign on google.

The cost and budget you choose, depending on how you are targeting and the competition of a specific keyword.

The Difference between Bing Ads vs Google Ads

While Google ads may reach a larger audience, it doesn’t mean it is better than Bing ads. A broader reach may help to get more impressions on your campaign, but on the other hand, it maybe gets lesser clicks and conversion which makes it more expensive. Although Bing reaches people that don´t use Google, so it depends on the targeted audience. While Bing has a demographic which may reach more people that are between 35-54 years and older and where around 46% are married with a higher income. In comparison Google often reaches a younger audience as well as people of all ages.

Microsoft has lower cost per click because there is lesser competition on a keyword than on google. The price also depends on which industry your business is, for example, specific keywords for diseases are often more expensive.  To find the right keyword for advertisement you can use a third-party keyword research tool with useful data and insight or use the free Bing keyword research and for google the keyword planner. Where can see data on cost and traffic and search volume you get for a keyword.

Bing has cheaper and often a higher click-through rate, so more people click on ads, but the traffic is sometimes lesser quality. So you may pay more for conversion then you would on Google, but it could also be the other way around.

You can choose if you want to use a daily (monthly) budget or no limit and if you want to set a specific bid rate for a keyword or automate the bidding of the keywords. The higher you bid for a keyword is, the more your ads get seen and clicked.  If you pay for a keyword $2,50 per click, and the recommendation is higher, you most likely don´t land at first place in the search engine. So it is maybe better when you haven´t enough experience and money to start with automatic bidding and later on test different click prices.

On Google, it is similar, but you have to be careful with setting a budget because it isn´t a daily budget it an average daily budget. It means your campaign budget is parted into days left in the month, so ten days with a daily budget of 45$ are 450$, you have to pay at the end of the month. Every day can be different; sometimes it cost more and sometimes less, but it doesn’t exceed the monthly budget.

This is why it is crucial to set time limits and monitor your campaigns, especially on Google, it can get extremely expensive in a short time.

When you run an ad campaign on Bing, you can get more transparency where your ad is coming from. Which gives you the opportunity to decide on which website you want to run your ads.

Both offer many features and targeting options; it is often really hard to make a successful campaign, and it gets overwhelming when you don´t know where to start. So a guide and tutorial to learn about the advertising platforms are really helpful.

This is why Microsoft offers a free learning lab for advertising, where you can learn everything you need for advertising on bing. Google has a similar course series for google ads, which helps you to gain knowledge about Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, and Measurement.

The Updates and Interface changes are often made first by Google, and then Microsoft follows. But Microsoft is also integrating features that Google doesn´t have. As an example, you can import keywords and campaigns from google to bing ads, which in revert isn´t possible.

The Interface in general on bing can be a little bit confusing at first, but the more familiar you become with it, the easier it gets. In comparison, the Google ads platform has a clearer overview of the ad campaign interface but also needs a bit of time to understand where to find everything.

In terms of support personally, my opinion that I got a better experience with the Bing ads support. They have a Live Chat feature if you don´t want to make a phone call, and you get quick and helpful answers. Google offers phone calls and Email Support because of the huge amount of ad marketers you have to wait long time. For example I waited two weeks for an answer per Email, which didn´t even help me.

You got from both a coupon code when you spent a fixed amount on ad campaigns at your first sign up. For Bing ads, you get a Coupon Code of up to 100$ depending on your Currency and where you are from.

Google ads also offer a Coupon of up to 100$ for the first sign up if you fulfilled the conditions.


Which advertising platform is better?

If you have the budget go for both google and bing ads because you can test what works and what not it gives you the best results. While it is a good idea to check google ads first and then when you have successful campaigns, you can import them to bing ads.

Overall, for small businesses and startups, bing ads can be better, you may get fewer visits to your website, but if you have a good campaign, you gain a lot of conversions, which can be the cheaper option in comparison. This will help a lot if you are starting and don´t have a massive budget.

No matter what advertising platform you choose you should learn the features and functions or outsource it because a campaign can get pretty expensive if you don´t set it up and monitor it the right way.

Also, be sure to think about what people you want to target where they are from, the age and interest, and other available demographics you can target. When you find a good target audience and use appealing ad texts and descriptions, your campaigns will perform a lot better. Of course, the right keyword is also a major factor for successful ads.

If you have an online business, it is a good idea to make use of online marketing tools that help you to grow your website traffic and conversion rates. This tool platform can make automatization easier as well as give you the knowledge you need to create a profitable business.

Maybe you also want to know what other ad types and SEO strategies you can use to improve your ranking and traffic?

Then you can learn more about this seo and ads article .

Feel free to share your experience with Google ads and Bing ads.

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