How to use Seo and Ads for better ranking and more traffic?

Seo and Ads

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Your Online Business needs the right Marketing method to attract visitors to your website both Seo (Search engine optimization) and ads are very important. It can get overwhelming when there are so many different solutions and marketing strategies out there. But if you want an introduction to the online marketing world you are on the right place. You can learn how to do Seo and Ads and what you should consider to improve your ranking and website traffic.

Using Seo

What exactly is Search engine optimization? When you search something in google or bing, you see different websites with results for the Keyword which you entered. The websites with the exact keywords or with similar topics are the ones that you see on the first page. The Title and Description of the websites show you what information you can expect if you choose to visit the site.

To rank your website, you need to make optimizations where you choose a fitting Title with proper keywords and the right description. But your first step should be to create an account for your website on the different search engines.

You should make a Google Search Console account to get your website in the Google index so it can be found from other users. Depending on where you build your website using WordPress or another Sitebuilder you have to find a way to integrate the given id from google into your website. You can do this by installing a Seo plugin in WordPress, or maybe your Sitebuilder has already build-in features where you can enter the Id to verify your website. The next step should be to create a sitemap.xml, which you can also do with the SEO plugin or your Sitebuilder. The sitemap is needed to let Google know when you added a new page to your website so it can be seen.

Similarly, you can add your Website to Bing Webmaster, where your site will be added to the bing search engine.

For further knowledge, you can use this Step by Step Guide for Google and this Guide for Bing to make your website visible in the search engines.

Finding the right keywords for Seo

With keywords, you can attract visitors to your site, but it is even more essential to find the right audience. You have to think about what a potential customer or visitor would type in the Search Engine. Also, ask people around how they would search for your product or service and look into your main competition. See what keywords content and titles your competitors use on their website.

Don´t choose to short keywords because the most likely too broad better to select the so-called Long tail keyword that specifies your content, product or service. You should use keywords with about three or more words or phrases. These long-tail keywords may have lower search volumes, but you get more relevant traffic and higher conversion rates.

To find the fitting keywords for your website, you should use a keyword research tool that helps to gather data on search volume, how much competition the keyword has, and shows results for similar keywords and trends. You should make a list of different phrases and decide which is the most fitting and best one.

Spread the keyword also into your website content, not only the title and description, however, don´t overuse it in a text. This may hurt your ranking in the search engine more. When you use WordPress install a Seo Plugin like All in one Seo or Yoast where you can enter custom Seo titles and descriptions for your pages and post. Other Sitebuilder should also have an option to make changes you need, so your website shows in search engines.

A good idea is to analyze and monitor so you can adapt to new trends and competitors to stay on top of the search engine. Keep improving your content and website and stay up to date on changes the different Search engines are making.

Using Ads

Often it can take a long time to rank well with your websites and to get visitors and customers. If you want faster results, you can try paid advertising if you can afford it. Which also depends and what type of ads you use and how well you target. This is why it is a good idea to think about what audience you want to reach where they are from, what age they have, and what interest these people have in common.

It helps to build an audience cycle that you can target it also makes it easier and more cost-efficient if you know what people you want to reach. And it makes sense to try out various ad platforms and types where you can analyze your data to find the perfect audience.

You can not only improve your Seo rankings with online advertising; you reach new people who wouldn´t find your website if you didn´t target them with your ad.

Choosing the right ad type is a trial and error process, but if you get to know what works and what not it can help you grow your online business a lot. Be sure to set a budget and time limit when trying other targets and ads.

Different Types of Ads

Learning about the different ad types can help you to reach with your message a bigger audience. Think about a budget that you can invest in advertising and then decide which ads work which not. Finding the right advertising platform depends on the cost and what audience you want to reach.

1. Display Ads and Native Ads

One of the first forms of online advertising are ads that appear on a third-party website that are usually content related. The difference between display ads (da) and native ads (na) is that ad banners are displayed where native ads are part of the website design, which let appear more natural.

  • Normal Text ads are created by algorithms, which makes it similar to surrounding content. (da)
  • Basic banners are images that are displayed around the content. (da)
  • Floating banners move across the screen or float over the website content. (da)
  • Popup ads show a new window in the browser in front of the website that displays your full ad. (da)
  • Video ads autoplay or manually play with a click appear before a video on a third-party website. (da and na)
  • Push notifications are ads that appear when a website user has notifications activated to get notified when the site publishes new content. (na)
  • Recommendation widgets are displayed under articles and show related sponsored content from different websites.
  • In-Feed are integrated into the website feed of the different posts and or in listings on the website.

Display and Native ads have cheaper costs, but the traffic is often lower quality

To use Display ads, you can contact a third party site directly or sign up a marketing website where pays a base rate.

Native ads are managed through advertising platforms for different content websites.

You can target on some sites demographic, contextual and behavior which makes easier to find the right audience for your Product or service

Example Plattform for Display Ads:

Google Display Network is integrated into the Google ad platforms where you can advertise with banners to get traffic from third party websites.

Example Plattform for Native Ads:

Outbrain has top publisher websites in the portfolio where your ads can be integrated into big sites with large audiences. It is cost-effective and simple to use but is difficult to get landing page or website approved, and you may need help from an account manager

Revcontent reaches a large number of people in the united states and other parts of the world and has a more detailed targeting option, but ads have to stand out beyond your competition to reach new visitors. You get easier approved; however, the traffic is only medium to low quality.

Taboola is one of the largest native ads networks, where you can get more quality traffic than outbrain. So use Taboola when you need more clicks to your website with similar costs.

2. Search Engine Marketing

With Search Engine Marketing, your ads appear above and at the side of the normal content at the search engine. It is the paid version of SEO where you optimize with the keyword your Titles and Descriptions. You bid on different keywords with other companies to appear on top of the search engine.

There two types of ads which are PPC(Pay per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand)

By PPC, you bid on keywords that are valued in terms of competition and search volume, and you pay only if a person clicks on your content.

Choosing CPM, you are charged for 1000 impressions in the search engine. It guarantees that your ad will be shown, but if no one clicks on your ad, you can waste a lot money.

The Biggest Paid Advertising Platform is Google Ads, where you get for your first sign up a coupon when you spend a small amount on campaigns.

You should be prepared to spend a larger amount of money depending on how much you target and what keywords you use. Make sure to use long-tail keywords if you don´t have a big budget and use smaller audience cycle where geo-target a country or region.

You have to try which works best for you but watch your campaign at the start and set a budget and time limit. You can only set an average daily budget, which can be different on some because it will be divided over the month. So if you set a daily budget of 45$ with ten days left you have around 450$.

Another Search Engine website is Bing Ads from Microsoft; it is not as competitive as Google, but you reach enough people for lower prices. Use the keyword planner Tool from Bing to find the best keywords you can target. It is recommended for someone with a smaller budget to try out Search Engine Marketing.

3.Social Media Ads

With Social Media Platform, you can reach a very large audience; it is cost-efficient and effective. You can reach a highly targeted audience with your ads. Because you can choose between various options like interest, education, age, region, and many more. The ads are mostly images and auto-play videos with text that appear as sponsored content posts on the social media site.

You have the choice between organic advertisement to get brand awareness and feedback. And promoted posts to reach leads, website visits or app installs. You can decide if you want to pay for clicks or impressions similar to search engine ads. The cost can vary depending on the platform and targets you use.

Platforms for Social Media Ads:

  • Twitter Ads, where you create sponsored hashtags that appear above the twitter trends, which can make your brand more popular. Another option are sponsored post ads that appear in the timeline of people.
  • Facebook and Instagram have one ad platform where can make post ads, Messenger ads, and story ads, which can be a short video 15 sec. or a picture with a link that appears in other user stories.
  • Pinterest is a good provider when you want to sell products like clothes and decorative things or different types of online services. The ads are shown as sponsored Pin posts or videos. On Pinterest, you have the opportunity to reach a large number of female users.
  • Reddit ads can be used to target different subreddits, which are categories and different niches. The used language is only English, but you can also make ads it other languages. It works best if your content is in English so you can better target different subreddits.
  • Linkedin is the social network for business and employment. If you want to target this audience, you need a bigger budget because post ads are very expensive.

4. Video Ads

With videos, you can demonstrate your product or service with how-to-do tutorials, showcases, or create brand awareness with a funny, inspiring, or emotional story. The Videos can appear as Pre-Rolls before a normal video or in-between or at the end in different formats and content options.

Video Ad Platforms:

Youtube is the biggest platform to share video clips of your business with a broad audience, which you can target different niches and Youtuber channels. The ad cost is paid per view or per action, which can get expensive if you want more then a thousand views. But you have many targeting options to reach your audience with a high-quality video.

Twitch is a live stream platform where people stream mostly games but also other activities like traveling and creative skills. Twitch partner can roll ads in a Livestream where your video can be displayed. This is a choice for larger companies with a big five-figure budget or more.

The cost-efficient method is to advertise your videos on a social media site like facebook or twitter.

5. Influencer advertisement

An influencer can reach a large community of following that can drastically grow your business with a good campaign.

You can contact different Video Creator on Youtuber through there business email and suggest your campaign idea similar way you can reach out to Twitch streames and other social media influencers.

But don´t choose randomly; you should look into there content what audience they can reach how popular they are and how engaged there following are. Be sure your business is relevant to their content that the influencer has similar values and principles to your company.

It depends on the number of views and followers how much a campaign can cost; the price can start at  500$ or less to 100.000$ or more.

You can also advertise your business on podcasts where the podcaster talks in audio form about your offers. Podcast gains a lot of popularity lately, so it as a good choice to contact fitting Influencer that makes podcasts.

Combine Seo and Ads

Starting by finding the right keywords for your product or service so your website can rank well on the search engine should be essential. Because this can help you attract the user to your site without paying money.

If you already have a budget, you can combine your Seo strategies with a well-targeted ad campaign to find your perfect audience cycle. Maybe start with Search Engine Marketing to boost your website ranking, which also helps to gain more visitors organically. After you learn what your target audience is, you can try out other Ad forms like Social Media and Video Ads.

To make successful ad campaigns, you need to try out different targets, platforms, and ad types. You have to learn how to create engaging ads to improve your click and lead rate, but if you can afford it you can also hire an Online Marketing expert.

No matter what your goal is with your website, if you keep improving and use the right Online Marketing Tools and Strategies you can grow a successful and profitable business.

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