How to build a successful Social media for business in 2022?

social media for business

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Nowadays, Online Business shouldn´t only have a Website but also build a Social Media Presence. When you successfully use Social Media you can reach a lot more online users as if you only use SEO and Content Marketing to promote your product or service.

Creating successful content on a social Media Site for your Business without the right strategy can be really difficult. It is a good idea to know how the right content can benefit your brand and what type of Social media platform works best for your Company.

What are the benefits of building a Social Media Presence for your Brand?

You may already have your first customers, so you know that your business provides something where people are interested in. Another great foundation is to have a good Seo strategy where you get organic traffic to your website. But to grow your brand further, you need a social media presence.

Even if you are only starting in the online world, it is a good choice to think about making a social media page.

Because when you post helpful and engaging or entertaining content, you can create a popular brand that reaches a wider audience. It makes it easier to build a profitable online business. Many businesses didn´t even have a website, but because they grew a large following with popular content, and they made an online site where they create income through their social media profile.

Another important point is you can help customers and answer questions about your product or service. Aswell get reviews and feedback to improve your business and to create a trustworthy brand. Because the more engaged and trustful your company acts the more people, you can attract that will buy from your Website.

What content works best?

The right content for a social media presence depends on your niche and what audience you want to reach. On social media, you can post normal short text with or without a picture or make a video to showcase your product or service. No matter where you decide to publish your content it helps to know the different sizes and resolutions of pictures and videos. Your content achieves often lesser quality if you don´t keep this in mind.

For services like web hosting and other online services, text-based content with a picture or infographic can be a good start where you share valuable knowledge that is similar to your niche. When you already have a following, you can consider posting video Tutorials of your service. But you also can create a video if you are starting that’s up to your business be sure to make quality posts.

Products are easier to showcase, so photos, where people can see what you have to offer, are essential. Even better are videos where potential customers can see your product in action and how it helps in real-life situations. Also, text-based content about your niche can work as well as a tutorial if it makes sense.

But the content you share must be aligned with your business values and principles. Only real content that creates trust and shows the human side of your business should be added to your social media page.

Yes, controversial content may get more attention in a short time. However, it can really hurt your business when you make a post where people get offended because it can create a so-called “shitstorm” where you lose the trust of users and your company gets bad publicity and reviews. And this shouldn´t be the goal of your company if you want to truly provide a product or service that aims to help your customer.

This is why your social media should have content that people can identify with and connects followers with your brand at a higher level. As a real human, it is all about real content where users are open to having strong and relevant conversations with other like-minded people. It should be a social media site where feedback both positive and negative about your offers is welcomed. Because if you want to grow your business, you have to hear what customers think about your product or service.

With the right intention and valuable content, followers are more willing to share your post and purchase from your Business. This ultimately leads to a better customer relationship that can help you to bring your company to the next level.

The different types of Social Media Networks

Finding the right type of social media network can get overwhelming with this huge selection. But it all depends on what audience you want to reach and what your niche is. It works best if you already know what age, interest, and where most of your customers are from. Even if you haven´t found your audience yet, you can look for a business that is similar to yours and look at what social media they use. Or ask customers if they use what social platform they use.

To get a better understanding of the different Social Media Networks here is a selection of the most used platforms:

    • Facebook: is still the biggest social network with around 2.45 billion monthly active users. It offers a huge opportunity to build a following in all types of different niches. That’s why it is often chosen when starting out on building a social media presence. A good idea is if you already use Facebook private, you can share your created business page with your friends and get likes and followers through them. Because you must have real people that follow your page because otherwise, your content sees nobody if you don´t share it with your private account or on your website.
    • Twitter: is a short message platform where you can make so-called tweets that can´t be longer than 280 characters.
      To reach more people with Tweets, you can use Hashtags ( # ) before a word like ” #health ” Users that search for this hashtag may discover your post. Twitter can be useful if you want your followers and other people to interact and discuss with you and each other about your brand and niche. You can also make polls where you can ask people for feedback or update ideas of your service for example. Often Companies use Twitter as a second Support Channel for their product or services.
    • Instagram: is a popular option to share photos and videos with followers. If you offer a product, it can be a good idea to showcase your products on an Instagram page. You can share pictures with a small text or a one-minute video. Another tool you can use are the Instagram Stories, where you can share video and photo content with a text or of daily activities with links to your product. These stories are only 24 hours available for your followers to see so it is a good idea to make a story when you offer a limited discount on your product or release a new product. Stories are useful when you want to link to your website because on regular post links aren´t allowed.
    • Linkedin: works best if your company offers products and services for other businesses. Linkedin is a platform where users are going to build a professional network. If you want to hire someone for your business or your niche is a career and business-oriented it is the way to go. But you also can be in other niches if you think that you find an audience that is interested in your products or services.
    • Youtube: is the biggest video platform where you can share tutorials and entertaining videos and build an audience. It is a good idea when your company has a product or service where not everybody knows how to use it. Also, quality videos that are entertaining and maybe have a positive message are appreciated by users. You can provide information about your business and brand in video form.
    • Pinterest: has users who want to discover new recipes, home ideas, new styles and inspirations. On Pinterest, you can create pins with a picture and a link to your website. These pins can be parted into different categories so-called boards. If your product or service is about health, fashion, design, or other creative topics, Pinterest is the right choice. You can even make a buy button (rich pin) where users directly can purchase from your business.
    • Whatapp: the most used messaging platform for phones can be interesting for businesses that provide apps for example. You can reach a global customer base when users share their phone numbers with your business. It works well when you want to answer questions that customers have and help them with their problems.
    • Snapchat: is a messaging app where you can share pictures and short videos with funny and entertaining filters, animations and captions. It is especially useful for your business if you are in an Entertaining niche. You can create your filters that fit your brand.
    • Twitch: is a live stream platform for gamers, creatives, travel and entertainment, and other similar topics. You can consider it when your products or service is in one of these niches. A helpful Livestream where users can interact with you can be a reason to use Twitch. Especially if your company is in the gaming industry, it is a good idea to work with already established streamers together. On Twitch, it is harder to get viewers who are interested in your stream. So it is better to already build a following on other social media platforms and share a link with them to reach users who are interested in your brand.
    • TikTok: provides short mobile videos about lip sync, comedy, and talent. On this platform, a younger audience is active, so when your business is in the music or video industry, it can be an option. Videos should be entertaining and creative to get seen by people on this platform. Tik Tok is the newest social network of the above listed but right now is growing faster than the other sites so it is a good idea to start now if you consider it.

These are the biggest social media Networks their other ones, but unless your audience has a specific interest or is from a restricted country, you should be fine.

A good start is to share your content with friends and in groups and to use hashtags if possible. Make sure your social media pages are integrated into your website so you gain more followers from customers who visit your webpage. Don´t make on every social network an account; the best way is to focus on one or two platforms, and later on, you can create new accounts on other sites.

It may be tempting to purchase followers for a social media site so it grows faster and gets more popular. However, it hurts your social media page because these often aren´t real users that are interested in your product or service. Nowadays, people can usually determine if you use false “bots,” which can scare potential customers away. So it better use the money to advertising on social media or to invest in quality content.

How to build a successful social media for Business?

The following tips give you an idea of how you can optimize your social media accounts and grow your following.

1. Set a goal

Building a social media presence will only succeed with the right planning. It is essential to have a goal in mind on what you want to accomplish with your social media pages. A goal can be to provide customer service and engage more with customers or drive more leads and traffic to your site and increase your sales or get valuable insight and feedback.

2. Create a Strategy

If you know what you want to archive, you have to create a good strategy. You should know your key audience what interests and needs they have. The more you target your content to an audience per age, location, gender, interest and goal and other relevant demographics, the easier it will be to build a following on social media pages.

3. Add company details

Share your company details in the info or biography of the social media platform. Let users know what your business goals are, what type of service or product you offer and what niche you are in and of course, link to your website. Also, use your logo as a profile picture and maybe make an image of your company as your profile cover.

4. The Content

Think about the content you already have that you can use and what new content you want to create. And decide where and when you want to publish your content. Only share high quality and relevant content and make use of visuals (images, infographics and videos).

With the Online Tool Canva*, you can easily create via drag and drop amazing visuals for social media like infographics and vector images. In the premium plan of Canva, you get a lot more stock photos and graphics, as well as many useful templates that you can design and resize to your needs to share directly on your social platform.

It is important that everybody that works on the social media site of your business is on the same page and knows how you want to present your brand and image. Because the more people with different personalities and approaches you have, the more confusing it gets for your followers. Whenever someone posts a new visual and text shouldn´t have another look and feel. For example, if you add on every picture, you post the logo of your business in the right corner, and then another employer of your business doesn’t add a logo to any image that he publishes. It looks unprofessional for followers and that drives some away from your page.

5. Frequently Posting

Make sure to frequently post on social media, depending on what type of network you are on. It is recommended to stay active daily or weekly. When you post on a specific time or day, for example, it gives users a routine where they know when to check your profile for new content.

6. Engage with your audience

Not only sharing content is essential, but you also need to engage with your audience. Because social media is about connecting with each other. To interact with your followers, comment on posts, answer questions, share relevant information and give the users a feeling that you care what complaints and criticism they have about your brand. And show appreciation when someones praise and compliments your product or service.

7. Don´t advertise too much

Don´t over-promote what you have to offer. The user will find your products or service even if you don´t show them every post. It is more important to communicate and engage with them. Of course, when you have a sale or bring an update or something new, you can share it on your social media profile. But the user wants to discuss and seek for value, and that’s what you should focus on.

8. Encourage your followers

At the end of a post, make sure to provide some type of action that people can take after they have seen your content. For example, they should comment on what their opinion on the topic is or encourage the users to share or like the content if they find value in your post.

9. Monitor your social media

Look into what content works by monitoring your progress and making changes to improve your social media presence further.

It can be a lot of work to manage different social media pages at once. This is why it would be a good idea to have an online platform for various social media accounts like (Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter…) at one place, where you can create and time the content you want to share. This is where Socialoomph* comes in which gives you the necessary tools you need to build your social media presence.


It takes time to create a social media presence, but if you focus on sharing content that your audience is interested in it can be well worth it. Not only the sales of your product or service and overall engagement are also growing your brand will become more popular.

So make a plan and decide what social network fits your audience and brand. Focus on two or three platforms first and later on create new profiles on other networks when you already archive success on a social media page. Give your followers valuable and sharable content with good visuals. Most important is to be open to discuss and connect with people on your posted content and page.

With the right intention, a social media presence can boost your business to new highs. So now is the time to take action and make a strategy.

Need a recommendation on what social media platform works best for your business or want to ask a question? Feel free to let me know in the comment section and I try to help you.

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