How to use a Call to Action on a Website?

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When your online business offers a product or service, or you want to promote something on your blog, you need a Call to Action on a website. But what is a call to action? And how can you create an effective own for your site?

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a part of online marketing on your website that gives a visitor an instruction to take some kind of action. It is used to get a response from targeted people, which can be a click on your Affiliate ad or to your website/Landing page.

Most of the time, it is used at the end of a page or after a sales pitch to let potential customers know what they can do if they are interested in your offer.

Many business owners don’t have CTA on their website as they believe the visitor already knows from their product/services or that the CTA will annoy potential customers. But if you don’t use a call to actions, it can mean you lose potential new buyers or clients, which then results in lesser money.

It is important to provide enough information so your audience knows what they can expect when they click on your ad. It also helps to keep away the wrong users from clicking on your offer.

You also need to make sure to use industry-specific messaging and phrasing to get your targeted audience to respond well.

When to use Call to Action on a website?

The most used call to action is in sales with phrases like “Buy Now.” But for more expensive items or services, it can take some time to encourage someone to buy. A CTA that acts as a road map towards sales can be helpful, for instance, “Call for a free estimate.”

You can use a CTA to build your email list (“Sign up for a free guide,”) to get new social media followers (“Like our page to get more tips”) and to keep your readers on your website (“read more about.”) And there many more options a call to action can be used for.

How to create a Call to Action?

With the right strategy, you can create a clear call to action and increase your response rates:

Easy to understand. Make sure the people know what action they need to do next. Use phrases like Download, Call, Sign Up, Subscribe, Buy, Share, Follow, Click here for, and others to clearly show the user how they can reach your offer.

Use CTA on everything. It is important to have a clearly defined and easily identifiable call to action for each page on your website. So every sales conversation and printable material has some CTA. Of course, the user needs to know what offer they can expect if they do the action be it a free digital product or trial version of your product or free tips and valuable content.

For bloggers, it is also a good idea to recommend other related articles on your website at the end of your content.

Research established businesses and websites to find inspiration for your own call to action.

Keep it simple. A CTA shouldn’t be too complicated because you don’t want potential customers to have too much selection, which makes them turn away from your offer. You may use the phrase “Call or email us,” but don’t give them too many options or make it too difficult to follow through with the action.

Have a desired result in mind. You need an end goal of each CTA to know how you can use it for your marketing or sales funnel. As an example, you give a Freebie if a person signs up for your email list; this is the initial goal. Then you use the email address to send offers with a call to action like Buy Now.” And follow up with an upsell after the sale. It makes the email subscription the first step to reach the ultimate goal of making a sale.

Making your Call to Action effective

While you can create a CTA only using a link, you also need to have the right text and for banners also the good graphics.

Have a strong command and use words to provoke emotions and enthusiasm. Something like “Buy now to get 20% off !” it makes them more thrilled to look into your offer. A small but effective element is to add an exclamation point ” ! ” at the end of your call to action to make use even more excited.

You need people to give them a reason why they should do your desired action. Will it provide them with a solution to a problem they are having? Do they save money? Or can they test it before buying? When your visitors know what value they can expect, it can increase your click and leads from your CTA a lot.

Use the advantage of FOMO, the fear of missing out. With the right message, you can motivate them more to click on your offer. If people think they might lose out on the opportunity that does not come around again, they might want to take more advantage of your offer. One of the best uses is to mention a sale or promotion in your CTA “Buy now only 30 left”, “Be fast, Sale ends today.”

When possible, use numbers, especially for pricing, discounts, promotions, etc. It helps people to determine if the offer is worth clicking on. So when a user takes action, you know that he is still interested in your product or service. You get yourself a valuable click and increase your chances of getting a conversion.

Make sure your call to action can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices. So test it on both platforms and follow through the action that everything works and is responsive to the different screen sizes.

If you create a banner, you need good graphics and images and also the right font and size. To design a high-quality banner, you can use Canva*, which is a great tool for making banners with free fonts, pictures, and graphics. The banner should stick out from the rest of your content to do this differently use colors for buttons backgrounds or fonts.

You need to get creative both on your messaging and banners. It is a good idea to test different call to actions to see where your audience responses the most.


A call to action is a good online marketing strategy to gain new customers and clients. With an end goal in mind for the CTA and a quality banner with an easy-to-understand action and a benefit for the visitor, you gain more conversion and clicks to your offers.

It is important to have an already established Website with an audience where you can test your CTA.

But even when you don’t have enough visitors, you can try to advertise with a message and banner to targeted people. This way, you can already integrate CTA on your pages, which come in handy later on as your rank in Search Engines and get more traffic.

If you already used a call to action, what was your experience and what message work for you the best?

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